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About Raise Texas

The RAISE Texas Pledge

We pledge to work over the next year
to build a savings revolution in Texas that helps families SAVE:
• for emergencies instead of going to payday  lenders
• for purchases that build assets
• for their children’s completed college education
• for a comfortable retirement, and
• to become more financially successful.

Learn more about our policy agenda.

Take action on state or federal policies.

Policy Agenda

Matched Savings: We develop legislative strategies to provide matching funds for the new Texas Tuition Promise Fund (pre-paid college tuition plan), the Texas College Savings Plan, and local IDA programs around the state. Learn more about matched savings policies in Texas.

Community Tax Centers: We encourage support for Community Tax Centers and support legislative efforts to increase Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) uptake in our state and to provide funding for community tax centers. Learn more about the EITC and Community Tax Center policies in Texas.

Payday and High Cost Lending: We promote oversight of payday and other high cost lending in the state of Texas, through state policies and local ordinances. We encourage the development and availability of alternative short-term loan products. Learn more about current actions against the high cost of lending in Texas.

Access to Education: We work to build support for policies that facilitate broader access to post-secondary education and training. Learn more about expanding access to education in Texas.

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