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About Raise Texas

The RAISE Texas Pledge

We pledge to work over the next year
to build a savings revolution in Texas that helps families SAVE:
• for emergencies instead of going to payday  lenders
• for purchases that build assets
• for their children’s completed college education
• for a comfortable retirement, and
• to become more financially successful.

Learn more about our policy agenda.

Take action on state or federal policies.

Policy Agenda

Savings Programs and Post-Secondary Education/College Access: We are excited that two bills that will assist families and youth with planning and saving for higher education passed this session. Learn more about important savings bills this legislative session.

Financial Education, Financial Accounts and Related Services: RAISE Texas is excited that the Governor signed one bill into law, but disappointed that the Governor vetoed a bill that would have encouraged savings. Visit our Texas Legislation page to view the list of all of the bills we tracked this session.

Payday, Auto Title, and Consumer Loans Regulations: RAISE Texas monitored the progress of over 25 bills this session to regulate consumer loans, and two bills on potential pre-emption including payday and auto title local ordinances.  None of the bills passed the legislature this session.

EITC and Tax Preparation:  Learn more more about the bills that we followed this session here.

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