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February 2020 Newsletter


RAISE Texas is starting 2020 with a bang! Today we launched our new website to provide a user friendly experience as Texas organizations and individuals find information and resources on savings, college, financial wellness programs and more.

Also, we are excited to release our new report, Big Benefits for Texas Employers and Workers: A Case Study of Strategies to Integrate Financial Coaching into an Existing Employer-Based Small Dollar Loan Program.

This report explores the challenges of implementing financial coaching into existing financial empowerment platforms at the workplace. Read the entire report today to find out what we recommend.spacing

The RAISE Texas Network is dedicated to helping Texans increase financial success! We are moving forward with financial wellness programs that help individuals and families get through the tough times with safe, fair small dollar loans and reaching their personal financial goals through expanded, high-quality financial coaching services. We are facilitating efforts to develop and combine scalable savings programs to reach more Texans with the opportunity to build an emergency savings to meet short- and long-term needs. And, we are providing valuable evaluations and cutting-edge research on pilot efforts that bring about findings, best practices and resources to assist Texas organizations striving to help their clients move forward every day.

If YOU aren’t involved in the RAISE Texas Network, then join us today! Let’s raise Texas TOGETHER!