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Our Policy Agenda

RAISE Texas is working to expand economic opportunity for all people in Texas by advocating for change in state and federal policies through bi-partisan support in the following four areas:

  • Higher Education : We are following several bills that focus on student loan default and an important bill that will allow Texas high school students to take a personal financial literacy course offered in public schools. Learn more about the bills related to higher education.
  • Payday, Auto Title, and Consumer Loans Regulations: RAISE Texas is monitoring the progress of 15 bills this session to regulate consumer loans.  Sign up to receive our e-newsletters and policy updates to help support the proper regulation of these devastating loans. Click here to receive all of our important communications.
  • Asset Building Opportunities: RAISE Texas is supportive of the four bills that will help Texans increase their financial security through financial education programs, savings and other related services.  Visit our Texas Legislation page to view the list of all of the bills we are tracking this session.

Take action on state and federal policies!

In order to support and expand local asset-building products and programs, RAISE Texas is actively involved at the state and federal level monitoring key public policy issues and communicating with policymakers to create positive change. Your involvement is essential in increasing the resources for our asset-building movement here in Texas and nationally. We hope you will help by contacting your federal and state representatives to support new or existing legislation or related policy issues to expand financial resources and support our work.

Take action on Texas Legislation!

Take action on Federal Legislation!

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