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Why Save for College

Reason#1: More Career Opportunities

Post-secondary education at a technical school, vocational school, community college or a 4-year university can qualify your child for more jobs and career options.

The skills and knowledge that your child acquires in college can be transferred across jobs and a variety of careers.  Below is a list of skills taught in Texas colleges that can lead to different job opportunities.

Reason #2: Higher Earnings

A college education can provide access to jobs with higher wages and the opportunity to be financially secure.

On average, a community college graduate makes $243,412 (before taxes) more than a high school graduate over a lifetime. 1

A 4-year college graduate makes on average $790,088 (before taxes) more than a high school graduate over a lifetime. 1

Reason #3: Increased Financial Security

Stable employment and higher earnings can help your child build financial security over time.   

By saving for a college education now, you are enabling your child to take that first step toward their financial security in the future.


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