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Financial Coaching

RAISE Texas is working with a Finanial Coaching Committee of experts and practitioners to expand financial coaching services throughout Texas by providing regional trainings, local huddles, program resources, information and events that will help organizations integrate financial coaching into their existing financial capability activities.

What is Financial Coaching?

RAISE Texas wants to support the growth of financial coaching to reach every part of Texas. To further this effort, we decided to take a comprehensive approach by defining financial coaching and providing groups with a common set of standards/core competencies to ensure high quality, successful programs throughout Texas.

RAISE Texas Definition of Financial Coaching

Texas Statewide Financial Coaching Hub

In 2019, RAISE Texas and its Financial Coaching Committee launched the Texas Statewide Financial Coaching Hub (Hub).  The purpose of the Hub is to expand high quality financial coaching programs and services throughout the state by providing accessible, affordable regi onal trainings and on going technical support services for Texas financial coaches.

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RAISE Texas' Financial Coaching Committee:

Tools for Measuring Standardized Outcomes of Clients

We recommend using one of the available tools to track important measures of financial coaching clients.  Although the following scales are different, they provide standardized outcomes for each client that can demonstrate success of financial coaching programs.

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Financial Coaching Resources

Click here to access more financial coaching resources available on our Financial Coaching Resources page.