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Small Dollar Consumer Loans

For over a decade, RAISE Texas has been actively involved in researching and assisting the growth of small dollar loan alternatives to high cost payday and auto-title loans in Texas.

In 2011, after the completion of our RAISE Texas Summit, we sponsored a convening of local, state and national partners to look at potential new opportunities to expand our work. One of the intriguing alternatives presented was the newly created employer-based small dollar loan product from the CDC of Brownsville. Over the last eight years RAISE Texas has been part of the advisory board providing technical support and assistance to grow the employer-based program. Currently, there are seventeen Community Loan Centers (CLCs) operating across the nation.

Below is a list of available small dollar loan products in Texas.  RAISE Texas does not endorse any of these products or programs but encourages organizations and corporations to explore each possibility and find the right fit for their clients and employees.

  • Community Loan Center: an online employer-based small dollar loan

  • Fig 36 Loans: partners with nonprofits and offers platform for small dollar loans
  • Kashable: employer-based small dollar loans
  • TrueConnect: employer-based small dollar loans
  • Oportun: has branches and offers online small dollar loans and other products
  • CreditShop: offers small dollar loans through partnerships (SEIU, AAA Club Alliance)
  • Capital Good Fund: a location coming soon to Dallas and Fort Worth, and also offering small dollar loans, immigration loans, and car loans in Texas
  • St Vincent de Paul: offers a small number of small dollar loans
  • Credit Unions: member loans available
  • University United Methodist Church: offers a small number of small business micro loans
  • Lending Circles: groups of 5-12 people put in money and once a month a member is lent the money to meet their needs and then must pay it back in monthly installments
  • Self (formally Self Lender): credit building loan