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Texas Benefits Screening and Enrollment Services

Texas has three web-based programs that offer benefits screening services or both screening and enrollment services.  These programs are all available to help organizations better serve their clients by providing a more efficient and effective way to screen clients for federal and state benefits that can help them get ahead during tough finanical times.  All three of the programs offer an organization access to different benefits, services, and opportunities to reach their clients.  

For a quick overview of each program, RAISE Texas has put together this Texas Benefits Screening and Enrollment Services Information Sheet.  Click here.

For a more detailed overview for each of the three programs, click on the program name. RAISE Texas wants to provide organizations with important details so they can select a program that fits the needs of their clients and their organizational structure. For more information, or to use one of the programs. please follow up with the program directly using the contact information below each link.

YW Self-Sufficiency Calculator

Linda Munoz
Program Manager

Texas Hunger Initiative

Shamethia Webb
Regional Field Director

The Benefit Bank® of Texas (TBB™)

Leann Ayers
Help Desk 855-822-4357

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