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I know that you are in agreement that we need to help move ALL Texans toward financial success. RAISE Texas is committed to doing this through expanded asset-building activities, including financial education, individual development accounts (IDAs), children’s savings accounts, and community tax centers that lead to increased economic security for individuals, families and communities.

Currently RAISE Texas is focused on four main activities:

• Expand economic opportunity for every Texan by supporting local, state and federal policies focused on asset building.

• Continue the progress on the four action campaigns: alternative small dollar consumer loan products and policies, community tax centers and EITC, expanding access to education, and matched savings accounts.

• Provide resources and technical assistance to Texas organizations and institutions interested in starting or expanding asset-building activities in their communities.

• Connect Texans to asset-building activities near their homes through an online interactive database.

These activities are very important here in Texas, and that is why we are asking you to join RAISE Texas today at www.raisetexas.org. Thanks for joining me in this great work! Together we will help make Texans more financially successful!

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