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Building Financial Success Starts with Knowledge

When it comes to reaching underserved markets and populations, RAISE Texas is proud to be a national innovator across multi-sectors, providing financial support, resources, and technical expertise throughout Texas, focusing on low-and moderate-income areas.

As a statewide network of non-profit organizations, for-profit corporations, and public institutions, RAISE Texas acts as a resource for local and state leaders as well as community organizations, helping them to offer asset-building training and assistance to Texas citizens.

Are you a representative of an organization or institution interested in starting or expanding asset-building activities in your community? RAISE Texas can help. Contact us to get started today.

RAISE Texas also provides information for individuals and their families on asset-building activities within their communities. Click here to learn more.

Most importantly, RAISE Texas believes that financial education and other asset-building activities leads to increased economic security. Whether it’s IDAs (individual development accounts), children's savings accounts, alternative small dollar consumer loan products, children’s savings accounts, or the EITC (earned income tax credit), building financial success starts with knowledge. Therefore, we additionally work to expand economic opportunity by supporting local, state and federal asset-building policies. Find out more about our policy agenda here.

We hope you will also consider becoming a RAISE Texas member. Your membership is key to building financial success throughout Texas. Become a member today.

Woody Widrow, Executive Director

Lauren Gates, Project Director

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