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Support our Work

When you donate to RAISE Texas, you are investing in equitable policies, programs and resources to help low- and moderate-income Texans build assets and achieve economic mobility.

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Your tax-deductible donation will support:

  • Statewide webinars on timely topics, like the 14 training sessions we offered in 2022, including a primer on the new inflationary environment and updates on the impact of court rulings on President Biden’s student loan relief plan.
  • Statewide education campaigns, like our social media campaign to connect Texas families with local help to claim the expanded Child Tax Credit in 2021 and 2022.
  • Trainings and resources for financial coaches, like our Financial Coaching 101 training and demonstration video for new financial coaches and our upcoming training to build financial knowledge with a racial equity lens. 
  • Practical guides on fairly priced short-term loans, credit building loans and other financial products available in Texas. 
  • Innovation with children’s savings accounts, like the sustainable model we are helping United Way of Metropolitian Dallas create in its Dollars for College program.

THANK YOU for helping us RAISE Texas!

Note: By donating to RAISE Texas, you will be listed as a RAISE Texas member and supporter, unless you notify us at info@raisetexas.org to exclude you.