Our Mission

To advance equitable policies and programs that foster financial security and economic mobility for low and moderate income Texans.

Our 2021-2022 Strategic Plan

Our Partners

RAISE Texas is a statewide coalition of organizations, including nonprofits, financial institutions, foundations, colleges, universities and public agencies, as well as financial coaches and counselors, community health workers, social workers and community leaders, all united around the common goal of improving financial health and asset building for low and moderate income Texans.

Our Approach

Our vision for improving financial security in Texas starts with understanding the reality that too many Texans work hard every day to provide for their families but can barely make ends meet. We acknowledge the pervasive systemic racism that has exacerbated the racial wealth divide and left families to struggle financially through no fault of their own.

Within this framework, RAISE Texas is focused on providing the tools, resources and support to help Texans overcome the many barriers to becoming financially resilient, while also addressing the systems and policies that keep Texans from getting ahead, building assets and achieving economic mobility.

How We Work

We equip, innovate and advocate to reduce racial wealth disparities, remove barriers and build opportunities for Texans to have financial security and economic mobility.