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Volunteer Income Tax Assistance & Tax Credits

Photo Credit: Sofía Sánchez-Morales


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Sam Houston State University

Supporting & Expanding VITA in Texas

In June 2023, RAISE Texas hosted the first-ever Texas VITA Conference, bringing together Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) programs from all over the state to exchange ideas, discuss challenges, and learn how to improve and expand the vital work of VITA in Texas.  

Enjoy our 2023 Texas VITA Conference Insights report here.  Thank you to Sofía Sánchez-Morales for generously sharing her photography and recording skills with us! 

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VITA Outreach

VITA Volunteers

TaxSlayer Q&A

  • Video of TaxSlayer Q&A
    Thank you to Sofía Sánchez-Morales for this recording!

Low Income Tax Clinics

Data: Help Texans Claim & Keep Tax Credits

  • Presentation: San Antonio's Investment in VITA
    Richard Keith, City of San Antonio
  • Sample Tax Season Analysis of Texas Counties
    Contact RAISE Texas if you are interested in an analysis of the Texas counties you serve. Note that TY2020 is the most recent publicly available data from the IRS. 
  • Interactive Map of Earned Income Tax Credit Dollars Received in Texas by County in Tax Year 2019.  Map by Zip Code.  Maps created by Every Texan.
  • Interactive Map of Additional Child Tax Credit Dollars Received in Texas by County in Tax Year 2019.  Map by Zip Code.  Maps created by Every Texan.
  • Data on the local population living below the poverty line is helpful to show who will benefit most from free tax assistance and claiming the full EITC and CTC. You can find this information by county using this U.S. Census data tool or this report on High Poverty Areas by County from the Texas Workforce Commission. Consider looking at multiple years to demonstrate possible trends.

Funding for VITA

Join RAISE Texas in Expanding VITA & Claiming Tax Credits for Texans

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