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When it comes to reaching underserved markets and populations, RAISE Texas is proud to be a national innovator across multi-sectors, providing financial and resource support and technical expertise throughout Texas, focusing on low-and moderate-income areas.

But we can't do it without your help.

We hope you'll consider becoming a RAISE Texas member today.

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RAISE Texas members benefit from our extensive database and network of nonprofit organizations, for-profit corporations and public institutions, by enjoying access to a large community collectively dedicated to supporting and expanding statewide asset-building initiatives.

In addition, you'll enjoy discounts or scholarships to regional and statewide summits and events which unite partners, peers and donors. Membership also gives you access to public policy resources and cutting-edge information and high-impact programs aimed to keep you up-to-date on essential tools, publications and educational possibilities.

From relevant legislative, agency and industry news and strategies to the latest training and funding opportunities, RAISE Texas members are also invited to participate in a multitude of innovative programs, enabling members to easily share vital advocacy information with some of the foremost leading organizations in the field, including:

Your dedication is crucial to our success so that, together, we can continue to advance policies and programs that foster financial success and economic stability for all Texans.

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And thank you. Your membership is key to building financial success throughout Texas.

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