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Expanding Access to Education

Over the past year, the campaign has identified and focused on three major areas: college savings, financial education, and college completion.

College Savings Activities has concentrated on increasing awareness about college savings and 529 college savings plans:

To support the work around college savings, RAISE Texas launched the Child Support for College (CS4C) project in early 2012. For more information on this project, please see the Press Release by Citi.

To encourage families to start a college savings account for their child(ren), RAISE Texas sponsored the Save ‘n SMILE Family Video Contest. The winner received a $2,000 college savings deposit in their child’s name through the Texas Tuition Promise Fund. Click here for more details the contest.

College Completion

The campaign supports various post-secondary education efforts that incentivize and improve college certificate and degree completion rates at Texas public institutions of higher education, including community colleges. A major focus of the campaign includes developmental education reforms for students underprepared for college coursework. The goal is to promote evidence-based reforms that move students through remedial coursework more effectively and efficiently. Other efforts include effective implementation of performance-based funding at Texas institutions to reward college success and completion.

Financial Education

RAISE Texas, through its partnership with OpportunityTexas, provided grants through the OpportunityTexas Innovation and Investment Fund to organizations that will promote college savings and/or financial education in Houston schools.  One of the grant recipients is Texas Council on Economic Education which is piloting the Smarter Texas financial education program to integrate financial education into the public school curriculum in grades K-12. For more information on the Texas Council on Economic Education click here.

College Access and Financial Aid Websites

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